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WATER & ENERGY SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY, Inc. (W.E.S.T., Inc.) forms partnerships with clients that promote sustainable specialty chemical applications. The W.E.S.T., Inc. team implements sustainable technology for the water treatment of the boiler and the condenser equipment. Sustainable technology means that W.E.S.T., Inc. understands and designs water treatment programs, products and controls to conserve and minimize the use of valuable resources, including:

  • Water — minimized usage and clean discharge
  • Energy — maximized output for every BTU input
  • Systems — predictable and reproducible outcomes
  • Technology — innovative and ecologically-friendly products and services
  • Incorporates recycling of resources in the production and distribution of products
W.E.S.T., Inc. brings to the partnership the expertise to obtain maximized boiler reliability with minimum blow down. The implementation of our programs result in reduced water discharge, significantly less energy use, and chemical savings.

W.E.S.T., Inc. has developed an innovative method of treating the bleed off from condenser water systems, and as a result can return 65%-75% of the water that would normally be discharged to the waste water treatment facility. The reclaimed water is then used as condenser water makeup. These resource conserving methods may be applicable to your plant.

What our customers say

W.E.S.T. has identified long standing deficiencies with piping and equipment that have caused ineffective treatment of several systems – and advised how to best correct the issues. Our data shows that their products and services have reduced our service calls and down time and extending the life cycle of equipment and piping systems.

Prior to W.E.S.T., Inc. taking over the water treatment, boiler scaling and tube failures were a regular occurrence. The chemical compositions and associated recommendations by W.E.S.T., Inc. resulted in clean boiler surfaces. When the softeners on base began to age and degrade, W.E.S.T., Inc. was instrumental in keeping them running until repairs and replacements could be made. Their pricing has been fair, and they have been easy to work with.

We have used their products and services for more than 20 years. When we first began purchasing from them, we found that the treatment program and services that we received from their representatives resulted in several hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and water use. Inspections of equipment verify that the water treatment programs are providing excellent corrosion and scale inhibition.