About Us

W.E.S.T., INC. WAS ORGANIZED IN ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA IN 1976. The company was founded to provide superior technical assistance to the industry and develop products that were not available to the industry at that time.

The company is involved in contracts which provide chemicals, equipment and manpower to facilities requiring hands-on assistance. The company also supplies consulting services to design engineers, architects, and industry.

Consulting and technical assistance for continuous improvement and troubleshooting are provided by W.E.S.T., Inc. at no additional charge.

The first level of technical support is the field representative. The W.E.S.T., Inc. field personnel are professional chemists and chemical engineers. Our partners’ plants are serviced by professionals with many years of experience in the water treatment industry. W.E.S.T., Inc. field service personnel will perform routine water analysis and recommendations are made to improve the operation of the water treatment program. Routine surveys of the plants are performed to determine if further efficiencies or innovative programs may be implemented to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, etc.

W.E.S.T., Inc. provides full chemistry analysis, deposit analysis, metal analysis, and failure analysis to our partners. W.E.S.T., Inc. provides a 100% guarantee that the products delivered to our customers’ sites will be as specified. Each product is batch blended and tested to assure that the product meets all of the specifications.

W.E.S.T., Inc. has engineering offices in Santa Fe Springs, California, Kaysville, Utah and Mesa, Arizona. Manufacturing facilities are located in California and Arizona with warehousing in Kaysville, UT.