Cooling Water Treatment

W.E.S.T., INC. PROVIDES A COMPLETE RANGE OF COOLING WATER CORROSION INHIBITORS, scale inhibitors, and microbiological control agent treatment programs that are specifically designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Your W.E.S.T., Inc. representative will complete a detailed survey of your cooling water system prior to designing and recommending your cooling water corrosion/scale inhibition treatment program. General overviews of the most frequently utilized programs are as follows:

    • Scale and Corrosion Control
      • Stabilized Phosphate/Molybdate
      • Stabilized Phosphate
      • All Organic
    • Microbiological Control
      • Oxidizing Biocides
        • Chlorine/Bromine
        • Chlorine Dioxide
        • Hydrogen Peroxide
      • Non-oxidizing Biocides
        • Quats
        • Isothiazoline
        • Gluteraldehyde