Field Services

W.E.S.T., INC. PROVIDES A COMPLETE WATER AND ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR ITS CLIENTS. The program includes professional technical consulting services, regional sales/service offices, manufacturing plants, research & development, analytical laboratories, and metallurgical failure analysis. These services and facilities have been designed to provide our customers with “state of the art” water treatment programs and prompt response and solutions to customer needs or problems.


  • Average 21 years in water treatment industry
  • Chemists and Chemical/Fuels Engineers
  • Corrosion and Quality engineers on staff

The W.E.S.T., Inc. field representative provides routine service with a HACH Spectrophotometer, digital titrator, and pH and conductivity meters. Additional field testing is provided as necessary to include elution studies for water softeners, microbiological analyses, corrosion coupons, and polymer studies.