The W.E.S.T., INC. FIELD ENGINEER/TECHNICIAN will inspect the chemical control and feed equipment during each service visit. The reliability of the equipment will be reported to the appropriate plant/building personnel for correction.

The equipment that is treated will be inspected during equipment down times. A written report including photographs to document the inspection will be provided to the customer.

Additionally, W.E.S.T., Inc. incorporates eddy current and internal boroscope inspection of equipment as required. Eddy current testing is a method of nondestructive testing used for the inspection of heat exchanger tubing. This method can measure the thickness of coatings. Metals and alloys can be sorted, and defects in the metal surfaces may be detected.

Eddy current testing is widely used by tube mills for quality assurance of production. The petrochemical industry has incorporated eddy current testing in refineries and chemical plants for heat exchanger inspections. The American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code mandates eddy current testing of steam generator tubing in accordance to the standards set by regulatory agencies.