W.E.S.T. has identified long standing deficiencies with piping and equipment that have caused ineffective treatment of several systems – and advised how to best correct the issues. Our data shows that their products and services have reduced our service calls and down time and extending the life cycle of equipment and piping systems.

Prior to W.E.S.T., Inc. taking over the water treatment, boiler scaling and tube failures were a regular occurrence. The chemical compositions and associated recommendations by W.E.S.T., Inc. resulted in clean boiler surfaces. When the softeners on base began to age and degrade, W.E.S.T., Inc. was instrumental in keeping them running until repairs and replacements could be made. Their pricing has been fair, and they have been easy to work with.

We have used their products and services for more than 20 years. When we first began purchasing from them, we found that the treatment program and services that we received from their representatives resulted in several hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and water use. Inspections of equipment verify that the water treatment programs are providing excellent corrosion and scale inhibition.